Mad Art Production was founded in 2016 by film director, producer and conceptual artist Mr. Nomade (Sergei Safiullin).

Sergei was born in the USSR in 1979 in a small town called Izhevsk which had a restricted access due to Cold War Era policies. Growing "in a box" made Sergei to develop his own imagination and seek his freedom in art, poetry and theater where he first played on stage at the age of seven.

His sincere curiosity in people and strong desire to break through and discover the world, took him to study all around the world: Spain, Germany, India, China, South Korea, Israel and the US that made him a true global citizen.

Sergei has lunched a number of international art flashmob events and successfully accomplished two heavy budget photo art projects.

Turning 40 made Sergei to rethink his career as an artist, and pushed him into a new field of filmmaking.

He shot two award winning short films, two feature documentaries and a reality show. He also helped emerging filmmakers from around the world to produce numerous film projects. 

The most recent update on his filmmaking career progress you could find on IMDB at